OSHA 10 and OSHA 30

We are OSHA Authorized trainers for 10 and 30 Hour courses in Construction and General Industry

Through 12/31/2020, OSHA is allowing trainers to submit for an exception to teach virtual classes. Please note that this isn't the same as an 'online' OSHA 10 and 30 Hour class that is taught via pre-recorded lessons. A virtual class is taught through Zoom by a real, live instructor. This type of training is engaging and allows for questions and answers similar to an in-person class. Click below to be taken to the OSHA 10 and 30 Hour page for more information on schedule and pricing.

What Makes Us Different

And How It Can Help You

  • Automatic Record-Keeping

    Free record-keeping database for your company if you choose. Perfect for maintaining OSHA compliance. Our training automatically updates.

  • Group Pricing

    Listed prices are per person. You can also accommodate your entire organization with one purchase and employees simply get their own log-in link.

  • Flexibility

    Students can take classes on their own devices or on a desktop or laptop. This allows for the ultimate in flexibility. And if you want to show in a group, you can do that as well. Ask us how.

Get Group Pricing

We know many clients need group pricing. The cost per class decreases the more students are added. Click the button below to give us more information and we will get you a quote ASAP.

Send your employees a training link that allows them to take a course anywhere, anytime.

Included FREE for any LowRisq client

Once completed, a record is automatically sent to the employer and the employee receives a Certificate of Completion. ​ This means less work for you AND you can easily provide evidence of employee training without having to deal with cumbersome spreadsheets or folders. LowRisq was created by safety professionals that understand risk management in the workplace and can apply years of experience that others cannot match.
The LowRisq Training System

What's the Problem?

Many organizations have a difficult time finding safety material that works for their specific situation. There is such a wide variety and quality that it can be overwhelming. LowRisq is designed solve this problem so we can act as your safety manager at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire one full-time.

  • Safety training that is easy to deliver and that automatically updates employee safety training records in our LowRisq Safety Management Gateway saves you time and also keeps your records in one place.

  • An easy to use mobile app that allows employees to inspect, report near-misses and injuries (hopefully you won't have these), and manage contractors all in one place, and deliver real-time reports as soon as they click submit ensures nothing slips through the cracks and comes as a surprise later. And employees love using the app.

  • And to top it off, we provide you with an interactive RoadMap that can save you hours of time trying to find information and resources to ensure you are OSHA compliant.

Do you still have questions?

You now have a Safety Director, so contact us!

You can reach out to us to speak in real-time via phone, chat, or email with a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) or similar for assistance.

It's a no-brainer and one of the reasons companies are moving to LowRisq to manage their safety and health.

How We Train

We use principles from many of the primary adult learning concepts to ensure our client's employees can get the best training possible.

  • Andragogy

    Use the person's prior experience

  • Transformational

    Revealing perspectives to reveal A-ha moments.

  • Experiential Learning

    Tying reality to create meaning

Who we work with?

Anyone Who Needs to Manage Safety and Health!

Waste Management - Data Centers - Solar Contractors - HVAC Contractors - Electrical Contractors - Roofing Contractors - General Contractors - Municipalities - Utilities - Manufacturing - Home Builders - Cell Tower Constructors - HOAs and Property Managers - Landscapers - Masonry Contractors - Paving Contractors - Facilities Management - Universities - Warehousing 

What do our customers say?

"Most Effective"

Jason W. J-TAC, LLC

LowRisq helps us deliver training to more people in less time without losing effectiveness. It's easy to use, employees like it, and I don't have to worry about being able to prove they took the training since all employee training records are in the Gateway.

"Great Free Add-On"

Jen R. ​Operations Manager

Before we started using LowRisq, it was a challenge to come up with training topics every month, let alone have someone present it. And our record-keeping was a disaster. That's not the case anymore. And we can easily update employees manually. But I know LowRisq will also make updates if you send them AND they will integrate with your HR software to automatically update when employees are hired or leave. It's a fantastic tool and makes training so much easier.

"Engaging Training"

Brian R., Atlantic Builders

Trey can do classes on OSHA, COVID Safety, Fall Safety, and many other important topics as well. Unlike many in the industry, Trey’s classes are fun, engaging, and get the important/vital points across quite effectively. I have had the pleasure of personally learning from him many times.